Welcome to Soaringwords. We are so excited to share the Soaringwords’ SOARING into Strength Positive Health Workshops with you and others throughout the Silicon Valley community.

Our Mission

Soaringwords’ mission is to inspire children, families, adults, and healthcare professionals to take active roles in self-healing. Soaringwords is the only organization integrating the latest science from leading Positive Psychology experts in an accessible, user-friendly initiative. Since 2000, Soaringwords’ expressive projects and interventions, delivered through immersive videos and workshops, have been shared with over 500,000 children, families, and adults grappling with challenges and setbacks.

Event Details

Please sign up for the workshops you want to attend and then we will send you a Zoom link along with your very own Soaringwords workbook that has been customized for each one of the 24 individual SOARING into Strength topics. Your privacy and safety is important to us — that’s why we are taking the extra step to have each person register for each workshop so everyone can participate in a comfortable, safe space.

Events and Workshops

Managing Pain:

Learn how to coexist with pain in order to experience moments of joy and thriving with Positive Psychology experts Lisa Honig Buksbaum & Dr. Luana Colloca and Dr. Peter A. Levine

SOARING into Mindfulness:

Discover the healing power of calm with Positive Psychology experts Lisa Honig Buksbaum & Dr. James Doty, Center for Compassion, Altruism, Research & Education (CCARE)

Soaringwords' The Power of Play:

Learn how play fuels wisdom, relationships, and health based on the work of Positive Psychology experts Lisa Honig Buksbaum & Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute for Play.

SOARING into Strength Positive Health Initiative Movement and Vitality:

SOARING into Growth Mindset:

Discover the science behind Growth Mindset to experience greater awareness, clarity, and expansiveness based on the work of Dr. Carol Dweck and Positive Psychology expert Lisa Honig Buksbaum.

SOARING into Healing Imagery:

Learn to access internal clarity and guidance with powerful, easy-to-use visualizations that will create an immediate shift with Rachel Epstein, American Institute of Mental Imagery and Positive Psychology expert, Lisa Honing Buksbaum.

Strength-based Families:

Learn to accentuate the positive in your family and friends with positive psychology experts Lisa Honig Buksbaum and Dr. Lea Waters.

SOARING into Narrative:

Learn how to become the hero or heroine of your life through positive narrative with positive psychology experts Lisa Honig Buksbaum and Dr. Margarita Tarragona.

Caring for Yourself as a Caregiver:

There are 43 million caregivers in the U.S. Learn to soothe all of your senses, activate circles of support and other proven self-care tools with Karen Warner.

SOARING into Positive Ritual:

Learn how rituals ground us and give us confidence & vitality with Positive Psychology practitioners Lisa Honig Buksbaum & Jan Stanley. Uncover the power of simple, easy-to-implement rituals to imbue your life with meaning and joy.

SOARING into Synchronicity:

Trusting your Inner Knowingness & Spritual Truth with Dr. Chris Mackey. Often uncanny coincidences provide profound meaning and direction, especially at crossroads. Learn how to access this skill.

SOARING Into Optimism:

Finding good things to notice & celebrate with Dr. Barbara Fredrickson & Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. Master strategies to cultivate an Optimistic Explanatory Style and more micro-moments of joy.

Soaringwords Living a Good Life: Meaning & Mattering

Learn how you can incorporate more meaning and mattering into your personal and professional life with Dr. Michael Steger, Emily Esfahani Smith & Dr. Julie Haizlip.

Talking Back to Your Negative Thoughts

  • Talk back to your thoughts and learn 15 foundational interventions to move from rumination to taking the right next step with Dr. Judith Beck.

Laughter is the Best Medicine:

Experience the therapeutic benefits of laughing. Learn about the secret powers of smiling, mirror neurons, and laughter to boost your immunity and enhance your health and relationships.

Self-Compassion and Forgiveness:

Learn how to overcome negativity bias and quiet the strident inner critic in order to have better health outcomes with Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Kathi Norman.

SOARING into Resilience:

Learn how to harness mental agility, coping skills, and grit with Dr. Angela Duckworth. 

SOARING into Altruism:

  • Gain a sense of control and enhance emotional and physical well-being by doing something kind without the expectation of receiving anything in return with Dr. Jane Dutton.

Positive Affect and Vitality:

  • Learn tools you can use to experience greater well-being based on Dr. Martin Seligman’s PERMA Theory of Well-being.

Learned Hopefulness:

  • Hope is active, wishing is passive. Learn how to use Hope to reduce worry and fear, to realize positive outcomes and to strengthen relationships with Dr. Shane Lopez and Dr. Dan Tomasulo.

Character Strengths:

  • Discover and amplify your Unique Strengths with Dr. Ryan Niemiec. Identify the strengths within yourself and learn how to strength-spot in others.

Why Loneliness Matters:

  • Why Loneliness Matters and What You Can Do to Feel Connected with Dr. Jane Dutton & teachings of Dr. Vivek Murthy. Learn practical easy-to-use strategies to reduce feelings of isolation even while physically distancing.

Overcoming Trauma:

  • Post-Traumatic Growth with Dr. Richard Tedeschi. Scientific studies show that most people recover from life-crises transformed and even stronger than before. This is called Post-Traumatic Growth.

Soaring into Gratitude:

  • Building a Gratitude practice in Your Life with Dr. Dan Tomasulo. Explore the enormous benefits of gratitude on personal wellbeing, relationships, and communal flourishing.